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Ty Segall_2012 LPs_Twins_Slaughterhouse_Hair

Ty Segall’s 2012, from left to right: Hair, Slaughterhouse, Twins

Ty Segall knows how to save the best for last. Twins—out this week on Chicago’s Drag City Records—is the third Segall-related release of the year, and his solo follow-up to last year’s breakout Goodbye Bread. The most enigmatic and schizophrenic rocker this side of Jack White, Segall has delivered a piece that flawlessly combines his stoner heavy blues jams with his British Invasion psych-pop gems with his punk ragers. A contender for Artist of the Year, Segall takes a serious step towards stardom on Twins.

Far more concise yet diverse than his previous two records of 2012, Twins is a pop behemoth, with moments as terrifying as they are sweet. While “polished” isn’t quite the right word, the production value is purposefully raised here, adding a commanding bottom with both clean and highly distorted guitars. The result is Segall’s most accessible album to date without sacrificing any of his edge.

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Ty Segall_Front Psych_Pitchfork_Meatto

Ty Segall @ Pitchfork Festival 2012

Almost at the end of their second decade, Pitchfork Media has changed the way we find, listen, experience, and most importantly, talk about music. The largest force in the music industry of the last 20 years save file-sharing websites and Kanye West’s twitter account, Pitchfork is more consequential to the development of the independent scene than any previous media entity, Rolling Stone and associates included. For starters, there has never been a Rolling Stone Music Festival.

The Eighth Annual Pitchfork Music Festival was a weekend of exploration, a theme consistent with the mission of the site. We drifted through 29 shows at Chicago’s Union Park, led by the promise of indie pop, grunge revival, electronica, hip hop and all things “post-“, and while performances were largely inconsistent, the rewards were greater than the detractors.

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Frontier Psychiatrist Monthly Mixtape

Thanks to our busy time at SXSW, we were a bit slow on posting  our mixtape this month.  So, instead of the usual two-installment approach, today we deliver the whole thing.   This should be more than enough music to distract you from your actual work on this Friday afternoon.

1. Chromatics – “Kill for Love”

2. El-P – “The Full Retard”

3. Ty Segall & White Fence – “I Am Not a Game”

4. Spaceghostpurrp – “No Evidence (Edit)”

5. Lemonade – “Neptune”

6. Holograms – “Hidden Structures”

7. Balam Acab – “Come True”

8. Action Bronson – “9-24-11”

9. Screaming Females – “Expire”

10. Mister Lies – “I Walk”

11. Titus Andronicus – “Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape With the Flood of Detritus”

12. Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

13. Neon Indian – “Hex Girlfriend (Twin Shadow Remix)”

14. For Romeau – “SW9”

15. Zammuto – “The Shape of Things to Come”

16. Children of the Night feat. T. Shirt & Roc Marciano – “’86 Mets (3:05 AM)”

18. Lushlife feat. Styles P – “Still I Hear The Word Progress”

19. Lower Dens – “Propagation”

20. Killer Mike feat. Scar – “Untitled”

Live Music_FP_13

As we’ve reported over the last few weeks, 2011 saw the release of plenty of great music. Luckily, in a year with so many great releases, we also had the opportunity to see plenty of great shows. From arena blow outs to dive bar ragers, the following are the 13 best live performances I saw over the last 12 months.

1/15: Punch Brothers @ Bowery Ballroom (NYC)

Punch Brothers are arguably the most talented touring band today, and their mid-January Bowery Ballroom performance did not dissapoint. Billed as one of their famed “P-Bingo” Nights, Punch Brothers ripped through the high points of their two albums (three, if you count How to Grow a Woman from the Ground) and tackled over 10 pristine (and at times raucus) covers from “Paperback Writer” to Sufjan Stevens’ “Concerning the UFO Sighting” and The Strokes’ “Heart In a Cage.” This show also held my number one music moment of the year, when Chris Thile solo-performed an unplugged Bach concierto on mandolin for an awestruck Lower East Side.

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(All week we’re counting down the top songs of 2011.  For previous entries on the list, click here.  We hope you enjoy the music.)

30. Drake – “Marvins Room”

I regularly hate on Drake, perhaps justified, perhaps not. I must give the softest rapper alive some due credit for “Marvins Room,” the lead single off this year’s divisive Take Care. A song dripping blue sadness and production taken directly from808s and Heartbreak, “Marvins Room” is the first time I’m able to say that this kid has real talent. Somehow, Drake manages to make the shameful action of drunk dialing into a desired form of self-destruction. -PTL

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The holiday season is upon us, and as such, you are probably pondering what to get for that special someone.  Might we suggest…a record?   Over the next several weeks Frontier Psychiatrist will be providing you with numerous gift-giving options as we countdown our favorites of 2011.   But, before we get there, allow us to go back in time and share with you our favorites from 2010 that, for some reason, we were unable to discuss a year ago.

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My recent arrival in Chicago has been beneficial for two reasons: 1) I have a fulfilling job, and 2) I get to a shit ton of rock shows. For example, over the course of the four weeks of October, I made it to six shows. No two shows were alike: I welcomed fresh-faced James Blake and Ty Segall; cheered for past-their prime Glenn Danzig, Smoking Popes and Frank Turner and turned Japanese with Boris.

James Blake @ The Metro (9/29)

September 29 was a very eventful night for Chicago’s hipsters. Due to a scheduling gaffe of epic proportions, Girls, Panda Bear, Fucked Up and James Blake all played on the same night. These are arguably the four most talked about artists of the year (OFWGKTA excepting). Granted, I’m not terribly fond of and Animal Collective or Girls (I am fond of girls, however), but my internal debate over the post-dubstep poster boy and the psychedelic hardcore auteurs was one for the history books. My final decision, James Blake, was born out of my great experience at his D.C. show earlier this year and a desire to appear “cool” with my new coworkers.

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